Saving and Investments

Saving for 'that rainy day', for that special occasion or simply for future security should be uppermost in most people's minds.

Investment plans can be started easily with payments made by direct debit or by lump sums.

The choice is substantial and Advance Financial Services can ease the process by explaining the benefits and pitfalls of the various options on offer - advice that will help make the most of hard-earned funds.

There are many investment options available in the market place, from guaranteed bonds to very high risk funds, from as little as €100 per month. A minimum term of five years should be considered, with the ideal term being approximately ten years. You can generally increase or reduce your contribution during the lifetime of the plan.

Most product providers offer lump sum investment products for €5,000 or more. As with regular investment plans, there is a wide range of products and fund choices available under the lump sum option. As deposit rate returns have been relatively low in recent years, more and more people are looking to include a lump sum investment bond as part of their financial planning.

The most suitable type of investment will depend on an individual’s overall financial circumstances and attitude to risk. Advance Financial Services will help guide clients through the choices and highlight such critical issues as charging structures.